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Recording of Melissa Laveaux for the single Nan Pwen Lavi Anko.

Recording of Fredrika Stahl with the producer Clement Ducol.

Preproduction sessions for Eddy de Pretto.

The Harmonist directed by Bruno Aveillan for Yin Transformation. Music composed by Raphaël Ibanez de Garayo. Recording of Floriane Bonanni (violin) and Renaud Guieu (cello).

Garnier-Unicef directed by Bruno Aveillan .
Music composed by Raphaël Ibanez de Garayo. Piano recording of Raphaël Ibanez de Garayo.

Yassir la chance et autres contes Marocains. Didier Jeunesse.
Recording of Sofiane Negra (luth).

Michel Korb chante Francis Lemarque Project.
Recording of Michel Korb and gypsy jazz quintet with Thomas Dutronc, Sanseverino, Enzo Enzo, Audrey and Romain Didier.

Recording of Lush Rush (voice and guitars).

Recording of string quintet for Keren Ann.

Mixing of Faces and Highlight from Kirosen.

Recording, mixing and mastering for the forthcoming EP of Matthieu – L’ombre de mes nuits

Mastering for the forthcoming album of Yerek

Audio Books :

Recording of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt and Nicolas Stavy (piano). 
Madame Pylinska et le secret de Chopin, audiolib.

Recording of Dominique Pinon. 
La Fontaine une école buissonnière, Erik Orsena, audiolib.

Recording of Marie Christine Barrault.
 La vengeance du pardon, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, audiolib.

Recording of Jacques Frantz. 
Vernon Subutex tome 3, Virginie Despentes, audiolib.

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